Tax Administration

Tax AdministrationMission Statement

The mission of the Stanly County Tax Office is to fairly and effectively administer the tax laws governing our county and to instill the highest degree of public confidence in our integrity and reliability by providing prompt, accurate and courteous service while promoting compliance with the state and local tax laws.

Tax Administration

In the spring of 2008 the Board of County Commissioners merged the Tax Collector’s and the Tax Assessor’s Offices to form the Stanly County Tax Administration Department. In an effort to keep our customers informed we are offering our newly expanded website that we trust you will find beneficial. The information contained herein involves real property, personal property, collections, and mapping/land records.

The Real Property Division appraises and assesses all real property in the county at its fair market value as of the effective date of the most recent reappraisal.

The Personal Property Division is responsible for the listing, valuing,  and auditing of personal property and business personal property. They also prepare the annual tax bills and the monthly vehicle bills.

The Tax Collector’s Division, as mandated by the North Carolina General Statutes, is responsible for collecting all real and personal property taxes and any other fees or assessments as charged by the governing body. Stanly County is also authorized to collect for all county municipalities, fire districts and special districts.

The Mapping/Land Records Division is responsible for maintaining accurate, up-to-date mapping of all properties and providing this information to citizens as well as other agencies, departments and branches of government.