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The next  Stanly SWCD Regular Board Meeting  is scheduled for March 11, 2015 at 7:00 am at the Stanly County Agri Civic Center. Meetings are open to the public.

SWCD Tree Seedling Sale… 

We have sold out of seedlings. Thank you for your support. We will repeat this sale next January. Look for ads in the Stanly News & Press, on local radio station 1010 WSPC and on the Stanly AgriCivic Center marquee.

Peak Season Soil Test Fee 

There will be a $4 fee per sample for those received during the lab’s peak-processing time of Nov. 25 through March 31. Read the full press release here…Peak Season Soil Fee

New Soil Sample Result Procedure 

The NCDA&CS published a press release on June 6, 2014 urging users to submit soil sample information online. Read more here… Online Soil Sample Results

Now taking applications for 2015 Resource Conservation Workshop

Applications will be taken until April 22, 2015 for the Resource Conservation Workshop to be held June 21-26, 2015 at NC State University. Read more details here…RCW Letter and on the NC Dept. of Agriculture website…

Drill from Nathan

No-Till Drill Available For Rent

The practice of turning the soil before planting a new crop leads to soil erosion and farmland degradation. No-till planting reduces  erosion and promotes soil health. Stanly SWCD’s Truax 88 No-Till-Drill is designed with three seed boxes that allow for planting regular grass seed, fluffy seeds and clovers. It’s perfect for seeding and reseeding fields and pastures. The District rents the drill for  $10 per acre in Stanly County and $12 per acre for out of county use. There is a $50 minimum charge in county.   Call the SWCD office at 704-986-3059 for more information.


The Fork Farm & Stables,  Stanly SWCD Conservation Farm Family 2014, took first place in both the Area and Regional competitions. Congratulations!

Fork Farm sign


 Sunnybrook Farms      

2013 No-Till Corn Yield Winner                                          

261.22 bushels/acre                                                           

Sunnybrook Farms also placed Second in the Southern Piedmont Dryland/Non-Irrigated Division. It will also be Second Place for the Tri-County Corn Yield Contest. Butch Brooks/Sunnybrook Farms was also recognized as a 225 bushel club member for the state. All of these awards and recognitions were given by the NC Corn Producers Association.