Mapping/Land Records

The Mapping Office of the Tax Administration Department is responsible for maintaining the Stanly County property base map and real property ownership data.  The property base maps are maintained using 2010 color digital orthophotos. Ownership information includes property boundaries, road names, right-of-ways, acreages, lot dimensions, district boundaries and is all based on deeds and plats recorded with the Register of Deeds Office.

The Stanly County Geographic Information System (GIS), using ESRI’s “ArcMap 9.2” software, houses all other support information for the county’s Planning, Inspections and Revaluation departments.  The identification of property and other related information can be accessed online by using the following link

There are two ways of researching real estate information:

  • Online by using the GIS link
  • Our departmental public access terminals

All land related activity that changes a parcel comes through the Mapping/Land Records Department for verification. This includes new subdivisions, property sales, road changes and estate files. There are currently 37,000+ parcels and ten municipalities in Stanly County covering an area of 395 square miles or approximately 252,800 acres.

Before any transfer of property can take place, a Tax Certification Form must be filled out by the Tax Assessor’s Office.  This Form must then be taken to the Tax Collector’s Office to certify that there are no delinquent taxes on the property.  Then the instrument may be recorded with the Register of Deeds Office.  You may print a copy of the Tax Certification Form from the link below.

Stanly County Tax Certification Form