Animal Control


Irving, Amy Animal Control Officer II
Hartsell, Charles Animal Control Officer II
Lambert, Dean Animal Control Officer II
Wes Smith Animal Control Officer II


All services are free of charge except adoption and reclaiming.

Adoption charges are:  Dogs – $91.00,  Cats – $85.00

All civil penalties assessed are due at time of reclaim in addition to reclaim fees listed below.

To reclaim an animal, the charge is:

  • $75.00 if the dog or cat was picked up Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm
  • $75.00 if the dog or cat was picked up after hours, on the weekend or a holiday
  • $75.00 if the animal caught in a county trap
  • $100.00 if the animal is taken with a tranquilizing gun
  • To reclaim an animal after the owner has been contacted and a 24 hour period has passed – reclaim fee plus $15.00/day

The fee for an animal bite confinement is $15.00/day

The fee for a full 10 day confinement is $150.00